Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thank You!

This week has been one of the most amazing ones of my life. I never expected such an overwhelming response to my silly student film, and I wanted to just thank all of you for supporting me! Thank you so much!


  1. girl you are so talented! keep up the good work! you are going to go far!

  2. It was an amazing piece! Great work!

  3. I love cooking and i love my dog and I LOVE your video. everything about it!

    and I'm totally overanalyzing it, but i have a question- did the dog add the bone for selfish reasons (because he wanted to eat the omelette) or selfless motives (because he thought that his best friend would love it as much as he does)?

    Which was your thought when you were making the video?

    1. I'm so glad you're interested! Here's what I was thinking:
      She put the bone in because she was trying to make the best possible omelette for her best friend, and, to her, that was the most delicious thing she could think of to add to it.
      I hope that helps!

  4. It's a beautifully simple and touching story of trying to take care of someone you love. I love everything about it. And I can't help but want to listen to Brazillian bossa nova now when I cook :)

    Check out the top comments here:

    You've done a great thing here. Keep it up!

  5. Maddie,
    Your video it's so GOOD that I put it on my blog (http://casadepasto-paulo.blogspot.pt/) because I love to cook and I have a dog (a female, named Daisy) who loves my recipes

    Thank you for such amazing story

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  7. Hello Maddie!

    I love this video very much!
    Your animation and drawing of expression is nice.

    The choice of music tipped it over the edge for me. I especially liked the sound effects, like the damping of the music when seen from the sleepy guy's perspective; and the sounds the dog makes!

    I was wondering how you got the sounds for the dog?
    Do the dog and man have names?

    You've made me miss my dogs.
    Hope to see more work from you! =)


  8. Hello Maddie
    I love this video so so much! I have a dog and i love cooking too.. Will there be more videos soon? You are amazing!


  9. Hello Maddie

    I love your work so much.
    Could you tell me what softwares or techniques you use to make animation for your film :D

    Thank you very much.

  10. Maddie!! You are so talented, I loved your video, really, It's beautiful :) Hope you make more like that. Congratulations!!

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  12. Wow, there're still real artists

    I am officially your fan :)

    Congratulations from México, beautiful combination of music, story & good feelings

  13. I've searched your name just to say thank you.
    You made my day with that video :)

  14. I love your movie, your dog is so cute :)
    It makes me feel so happy,Thank you.
    I informed my family soon.
    I wish your success.

  15. Very sweet vid. I had a Boston terrier, made me love it even more. Thanks!

  16. This cartoon is my favorite cartoon ever--which proves that a dog is a man (or woman's)
    best friend.