Monday, April 18, 2011

Fairytale Project

(This is the same girl as above, just older. Hopefully you can tell?)

Eugh... for some reason the colors on all of these suddenly got all greyish and icky once I uploaded them to blogger. I dislike this. Anyway, These pictures (except the Day of Silence one) are all part of a fairytale project I'm working on with my sister. I'm mostly just experimenting and noodling about but it's very fun! Anyhow, homework calls.


  1. Beautiful :) Will you illustrate Hannah's story with the pictures you have already drawn or will you draw "finished" ones after she is done?
    I must say I'm a bit confused on how the fish world turned into a land of birds c(: Are the four younglings children of the mermaid daughter?

  2. No, this is the backstory of the second main character (the girl who falls out the window) who eventually meets the son of the drowned fisherman! It's not really a fish world/bird world, just a fairytale world where everything exists at the same time.